KittyQueens is dedicated to all the Women out there, who are independent, free thinkers and have enough courage to take on this world. To those women who had started the Kitty Party concept and to those restaurants who understood the need & catered to this segment.

KittyQueens.com is a service provider which intends to bring them to a common platform & regularise this sector, which will be helpful to both, the women as well as the restaurants. Apart from that it will be saving critical resources in terms of precious time & avoid wastage of food, which a country like India, won’t be able to afford.

Though the name is KittyQueens, but we believe that our success lies in the future, when a group of men book a kitty party as KittyQueens, for that is the change we want in our society and for that is what defines a true Gentelman.

Started by a small group of women, who had worked very hard to solve a real world problem, which many women face, it is an effort, where we also invite men to be a part of our journey in pursuit of a life, where equals party together.